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UNBELIEVABLE!! Catholic Pope Francis Is A Gay And Atheist?

Pope Francis, the vicar of Christ, has been opening some can of worms lately.

First he said the “Lord’s Prayer” is faulty and needs rectification or correction.

He has a plausible reason. He said that the expression “lead us not into temptation” purports that God could lead one into temptation. He therefore argued that the Lord’s prayer needs correction.

Again the Roman pontiff has added his voice to the thorny issue of homosexuality. He said that homosexuals should be allowed because they are also God’s children.

He said,

“For my part, homosexuality is not a crime but a defect. We should treat homosexuals with love not hate. No man deserves to die for sleeping with the same gender”.

But the punishment for homosexuality in the Bible is death. The Pope  has implied that the Bible is not infallible.🤣

The Pope also said you don’t have to believe in God to make heaven.

I couldn’t help laughing.🤣

What the Pope should tell us first is where heaven is located. After that, we can now discuss the prerequisites for going to heaven.

This century is unfolding many foolish things in religion. If covid19 and other current happenings do not make you get some sense and know that religion is a mental disease, I doubt if you would ever be awakened again.

With a these argument, can you say

Catholic Pope Francis Is A Gay And Atheist?

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