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19-year-old boy reportedly ties the knot with 20 year old lady

A young Nigerian man has tied the knot with a lady 20 years older than him

The man reportedly tied the knot with a 39-year-old lady

As Dbanj said, love is a beautiful thing. The magic of love is powerful enough to break barriers and even bring people who have nothing in common together.

It sometimes comes off as weird when a young person claims or professes love for someone who is older than them. But when it comes to love, age barriers has got no chance to fight.

The love story was shared by a Facebook user identified as Akulo Sams Ochens. According to the Facebook user, the idea of their love proves that age is just a number.

He wrote: Age is just a number. 19yrs old boy got married to a 39yrs old lady. love is beautiful . Congs.

In the photos shared, the groom was seen dressed in the popular white Arabian attire and the bride rocked a peach coloured lacey wedding dress for their wedding.

There were other photos showing the couple as they live their lives after tying the knot. In one of the photos, the woman was seen serving her husband food on her knees.

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