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5 FREE Android Burner Phone Methods (Verizon method, Cashapp method, Loan method, Check method, Carding method $10,000+ per month potential)

Money Making 5 FREE Android Burner Phone Methods (Verizon method, Cashapp method, Loan method, Check method, Carding method $10,000+ per month potential)

Written by: BlackNaijaGuru
All methods below have to do with making money with an android burner phone. Using a burner phone is a much easier way to card since it allows you to use cards from your area without the use of VPN and Socks5. This allows for a much higher success rate due to the location automatically matching the cc holder without having to do anything extra and you are always using a clean IP which prevents any red flags on sites and payment processors. Before carding with a burner phone, ALWAYS REMEMBER:

-Always change device name to cc holder/ fullz name.

-NEVER use any of your real information on the phone. YOU WANT NO TRACE WHATSOEVER!

-Purchase phone in or near the same zip code as cc/ fullz holder (not sure if this really helps but it couldnt hurt.)

-ALWAYS use IMEI changer AND reset the phone before and after each “mission” you perform on your burner device.

-Make sure you create a gmail matching the cardholder/ fullz name and other info. Use this gmail to sign in to google services on the phone.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets get into the methods...

Carding burner method:

This is the easiest and most straight forward of all the methods but can still make you a good deal of money with not very much effort. All you will need is a high balance cc in same state as you and in a city that is also relatively close to you. Travel to that city and connect to the nearest public wifi. Follow all steps already mentioned above (AS ALWAYS!) and simply use your cvv to order your desired product(s). For the drop, find a house that is for sale near the cc holder zip. You can either write a note with a signature on it imstructing the deliverer to leave the package on the porch, or you can wait outside until the mailam arrives. Now that last step vaires based on whether it is UPS/FedEx or if its just USPS. If USPS is dropping the package, you wont have to worry about the note or getting there before them. USPS will leave the package on the porch.

Verizon burner method:

Get a random android phone, buy cc fullz with same zip code as your state, chance device name to cc holder name, download imei changer (equivalent of a MAC address changer), create new verizon wireless account, get a drop address, creat a new authorized user on verizon site, make the name have the same last name as CC holder, make the address the same as ur drop, add 4 new lines, add 4 XS max to your cart, click “proceed”, enter ssn and DOB for credit check, youll be taken to the checkout window in which you will be required to pay taxes on all 4 phones, use CVV provided with fullz to complete order. (You can also use a visa gift card to pay for the taxes on each phone. Even tho this requires out of pocket funds for you, it is worth it since you will make it all back and it will instantly confirm.)

Check burner method:

Get a burner android phone. Buy a fullz that are same state as you and the city must be relatively close. Travel to said near by city. Go to a place such as starbucks or mcdonalds, somewhere that has public wifi in the city of your fullz. Use burner phone to create a bank account using fullz info. Make sure you sign up with a minimum balnce of $25 so it looks like you actually want to use the bank account in a practical manner. You may want to let the account age for a week or so and make a few small deposits and withdrawals so you look like a legit bank user. You can then use mobile deposit to deposit counterfeit checks! To make this method even better, you can request the debit card be sent to a drop and set up a pin for it. You can then withdraw the money from the bogus check at an atm. If you do not wish to use a debit card or cannot get one for some reason, you could always use the bank info to make a money transfer, but bitcoins, ect.

Loan burner method:

Getting small personal loans is relatively easy if you have the right information. Get a burner phone. Buy the most detailed fullz info you can find in the same state you are in, and make sure theyre from a relatively close city. Travel to said city, and connect to public wifi in same city as your fullz. For this make sure your fullz has good credit score. Make sure to change the device name to the name of the fullz and always change imei before and after each “mission”. I have a previous tutorial on how to create a drop bank account using a burner phone. You are going to want a drop bank account for higher success. Apply for a small personal loan. Anything under $5,000 will be very easy to get but dont do anything over $10,000. The loan process from there is pretty self explanatory. Enter all fullz information in fields required. Make sure your fullz come with previous work info and addresses, MMN, etc. The more detailed the better. When giving a phone number at any time, make sure to use the burner phone number or a free calling app. You may not have to call to complete the loan, but I strongly recommend doing so. You have a much higher chance of getting approved and it is a lot less suspicious when you call. Just call them and ask questions about the monthly/ yearly fees you have to pay. Just asm things any normal person getting a loan would say.

Cashapp burner method:

*For this method you will need 2 burner phones and 2 CC fullz*

Get burner android phone. Get first CC fullz from same state you reside in, city must be relatively close to you also. For this method you will need to make a drop bank account. This is very easy to do, all you must do is create an account online with a bank using fullz information you already have. Make sure to make an opening deposit and deposit and withdraw money from it regularly for a week or so before carrying on with this method. This will prevent our drop from getting closed when we start depositing large amounts. I know its a little annoying but its worth it. Once we have a drop bank account in place, download cashapp. Create cashapp account with burner number and fullz info. (Make sure to already have an email made resembling your cc holder.) You’re going to link the debit card you’ve aquired to the cashapp. Now you will need a separate cc fullZ and the other burner. You will copy this EXACT METHOD OVER AGAIN EXCEPT for creating the drop bank account. I repeat, DO NOT CREATE A DROP BANK ACCOUNT ON SECOND PHONE! On the second phone, you will simply send payments to the other cashapp and deposit the money into your drop bank account. Use the debit card that you got from the drop to withdrawal money.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

If you are interested in working with me on perfecting these methods, have any questions, have some methods of your own youd like to share, would like to come up with new methods together or anything of that matter, you can contact me through the comment section

There are plenty of places on the internet to find fullz, bank drops, scans, ccs and all of those things. But if you are having trouble finding them or just want a one stop shop to get everything, I will sell you the recourses required to complete any of the methods above EXCEPT for a burner phone. You will have to get ome yourself. You can get them at best buy or walmart for $50-100 a piece. I also charge $25 for 30 mins of mentoring. Any questions you have I will answer. No matter how many questions you have, if you can ask them all in 30 mins, be my guest. I am here to provide this free knowledge, and for those who look to futher their carding careers, I offer extra help in whatever way you need. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this as this took me a while to write. LETS GET RICH!

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