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#Not too young involvement - HON. SOETAN OLUSOLA

Good day  my Fathers, Mothers and fellow Nigerian Youth. Happy Prosperous New Year

On the trend of our political affairs,  series of undesirable occurrences have choked the surviving breath of our dear nation Nigeria which has crashed the business atmosphere, education atmosphere and among others in which only the masses can determine the opportunity cost. 

The clamouring of favourable change by both old and young of our dear dear nation in the political movement placed a sense of reasoning and proper positioning for the youth to participate in the political affairs as a medium of restoring the dignity of Nigeria and creating a better future for the incoming generation after tiredned of political menace. 

With sense of reverence, our dear leaders and elders have tried and contributed to the best of their capability which is appreciated and from which will have learnt from the wealth of their knowledge (strengths and weakness) in which we restructure, maintain and sustain where necessary for the growth of Nigeria and restoring the dignity of black race.

From the heartbeat of the masses, the people profess for change of hands in politicalii affairs which put a clarion call on all the Nigerian youth as a leader of today not tomorrow. At this point in time, Nigerians should embrace and vote young aspirants who possessed the capabilities and attributes in this forthcoming 2019 General Election at all levels of Government, most especially "Law Makers".

I viewed #nottooyoungtorun# as an opportunity of bringing something from nothing for Nigeria through massive youth involvement incollaboration with youth-minded party. A change of hands is necessary because Nigeria is being run in a circles which declare self interest by replacing scandals with different scandals rather it should be a round peg in round hole. 

I often confidently says loud and clear, voting youth in 2019 general election will give birth to champions with undeniable positive turnaround across all sectors in the history of Nigeria. Hence, Youth in power should be the priority of all Nigerians. 

A vote for COMRADE SOETAN OLUSOLA under the new breed party of GREEN PARTY OF NIGERIAN (GPN) cannot be regretted because we look not to the mistakes of the past but prepare a fresh start for our dear nation and new dispensation.

Conclusively, Nigerians, let change the strategies and do things in different ways to get a different and desirable result. 

for member, Ogun State House of Assembly, Odeda Constituency.

for Governor, Ogun State

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