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[Guide] Carding Paypal & Doing Transfers

 I have a 90% success rate carding sites like Gucci where you can do a guest checkout through Paypal.

First you need anti-detect. Can be bought on their website for 100$ / month. Just google it.
Go to configshop.cc and buy a new fresh config for your order. its 3$ each. 
Second you need a fresh IP. I always use Resedential IP's. Google how to get yours. 

Once you'r inside a ip that have a decent speed go to : https://proxy6.net/en/blacklist
All have to be green, 0% blacklists or it will fail.

Do not use US cards for this. European card is the best, they have no address verification system or whatsoever. ( Germany, Scandinavia, NL etc ).

Before charging go to google and start googling around to build up a cookie profile with google. Yes, Paypal can see if you have used google or not to build up a trust profile. 

After this, go to the site you want to do a PayPal guest checkout on. Put your name as credit card holder name and your address. 

Following this steps bypasses the 3D Secure 90% off the times. All charges below 1000 euro are going straight thru.

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Laura Bush said…
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