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The brand identity of the group which is to know the right path at the end of all analysis, and make our impacts felt by the state... The goal is that we must reach out to people in the best possible way to enlighten them about the real picture of the world... You're all free to drop any comment regarding any aspirant (but not critique) and tell us ur opinion regarding any issue before us

We actually need everyone to be well prepared as to the task b4 us, let's all have our mind on success and nothing more.. we really need as many as possible people in the movement in other to shake the state with our word in unity

Please don't let's us place the interest of a party over the interest of the movement, which is to make sure we get and support the right person with proven evidences

So let's stay updated
Code of conduct, membership qualifications & goals

• Must be a citizen of Nigeria
• Must be from OYO STATE or have interests in OYO STATE
• Must be ready to support the movement wholeheartedly
• Must not place the interest of any political party over the interest of the movement
• Must be ready to be minded over the goal and aim of the movement
• Must be up to 18years of age
• Must have voters card
• Must be ready to take the movement to as many as possible people

• With our persuasion we must be able to create job opportunity for our members
• We must be able to enlighten people not to focus on the name of a political party but the personalities in the party
• We must reach out to as many as possible people

Reaching out to people and deliver them from mental slavery

Thanks alot

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