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[Entertainment] Fans mock girl who professed love for Don Jazzy

As a superstar music maker, MAVINS’ don, Don Jazzy, is a     man many women will go for in a big way. In fact many have professed love for the music guru but it seems none has been as desperate as a Netherlands-based Nigerian  woman who made a video of herself, crying and begging the music don to love and marry her. 

Her  video, which has since gone viral, is a pitiable sight of a woman desperately and hopelessly in love, begging and crying, telling the whole world of her undying love. 

                            Don Jazzy

 “I swear to God I’m in love with Don Jazzy. Please Don Jazzy love me. I am still single and you are still single, this is not funny. This is not a joke. I am in love with Don Jazzy (sobbing)” she said in tears, sobbing and wiping off the tears.

 But to many of Don Jazzy’s fans the girl is nothing but a big joke. Some had to mock her accent and her looks, saying she’s probably deranged. 

“Don Jasie? So, she no even fit pronounce the name of who she dey in love with? Issorite,” says a fan 

“I beg make dem tell Don Jassy make e go marry… abi e still dey discover Mungopark …u com dey let dis lady dey cry like who lost person… becos she said I know u are still single,” says Ezejoyce2016 

On and on the comments poured in to make mockery of the girl in the video. Yet, in the end, most of the people who commented wanted to know when Don Jazzy will tie the nuptial knot and with who?According to most of them, if the music maker has made his girl known the girl in the video would have been discouraged.

Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/03/fans-mock-girl-professed-love-don-jazzy/
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