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[Entertainment] Cossy Orjiakor to release book on sex escapades of actresses

For sometime now, Nollywood’s acclaimed ‘Queen of Boobs’, Cossy Orjiakor has been on fire, venting her anger on her Instagram handle on how some actresses had betrayed her trust in the past. In many of her mysterious epistles, Cossy painted a picture of how she introduced some actresses to rich clients, whom she tagged ‘Mr?” and how they ended up being well off, without according her the credit she deserves. 

In a chat with Potpourri, the actress refused to mention names but affirmed that all the gossips she had been sharing on her Intagram handle were true life stories, concerning her and some actresses, and promised that a book would soon be released to confirm the authenticity of the stories. 

“I am only after people who hurt my reputation. They have talked bad about me already. They believe I am bad, so, I am showing them how bad I can be. Other people are involved, in fact, plenty. I have revealed a bit but the rest they can read in my book,” she quipped. 

Cossy started her mysterious epistle with how she introduced an actress she labelled ‘Delilah’ to ‘Mr’ who promised to buy her a Range Rover SUV. According to her, the Delilah stabbed her in the back by turning ‘Mr ‘ against her and instead of having the Range she was promised, it was Delilah that ended up with a Range and a house, courtesy of ‘Mr’. 

She also told of how another actress, labelled Lovina betrayed her after introducing her to ‘Mr’. In her Instagram post, Cossy described Lovina as a  Yoruba actress, calling her a bitch with an angelic face. 

Unsurprisingly, in the wake of Cossy’s revelations, people have come up with various names of people Cossy might have been talking about but she discounted all their conclusions as false. 

“All the people involved, their pictures will be on display, but in a stylish way. I will let them all know” she told Potpourr
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