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West African Citizens Awards Unveils Award Categories


WAFRICAwards2017 Registration BEGINS

*WAFRICAwards* an innovative platform designed to reward hard work, creativity and commitment among West Africans. The *WEST AFRICAN CITIZENS AWARDS* is set to storm all West African Countries and reward all Citizens with distinctive performance in their different entrepreneurial fields, they will be rewarded ,empowered and promoted...

This award platform that is targeted at rewarding creative and hardworking citizens in West Africa thereby promoting them unlike other awards that leave the citizens  / youth to go back to their everyday struggle,is still open to sponsorship to Organizations and Individuals who believe in Citizens Empowerment.

#WAFRICAwards 2017..... 

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1.     •Most Popular Blog Site of The Year
2.     •Best Online Pr/Media of The Year
3.     •Best Imer of The Year
4.     •Best Poet of The Year
5.     •Most Enterprising Student
6.     •Best Student Of The Year
7.     •Best Student Union Government
8.     •Student Brand of The Year
9.     •Best Journalist of The Year
10. •On Air Personality
11. •Best Photographer of The Year
12. •Graphic Designer of The Year
13. •Model of The Year (Male)
14. •Model of The Year (Female)
15. •Best Rapper (Male)
16. •Best Rapper (Female)
17. •Best Artist (Male) 
18. •Best Artist (Female)
19. •Best Comedian 
20. •Best DJ
21. •Music Producer of The Year
22. •Best Dancer (Male)
23. •Best Dancer (Female)
24. •Best Dancer (Group)
25. •Best Actor
26. •Best Actress
27. •Rookie of The Year
28. •Next Rated Act
29. •Black Diamond (Male)
30. •Black Diamond (Female)
31. •Best athlete of The Year (Male)
32. •Best Athlete of The Year (Female) 
33. •Political Icon of The Year
34. •Organization Making a Difference in West Africa

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So, if you want to participate, simply apply for a category now by clicking the apply button below.
Apply For a Category Now while entries are still been recieved 
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