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The Chronicles Of Hip Hop And God Emceeism

The Chronicles Of Hip Hop And God Emceeism


Deejay Scratches,Heavy Kicks And Beautifully Resonating Piano Progressions!,I Find MySelf Absolutely Captivated By The Allurement And Winsomeness Of This Imaginary Room I Have Birthed In My Mind As I Write This.With Eyes Closed,I Envision Myself Surrounded By Rap Artistes,Rappers And Rap-Tainers All Also Absorbed By This Awesomeness I Presently Hear And Responding To It With The Traditional Head Bumping Locomotive Movement.One House Encapsulated By Love,Sincerity Of Heart And Communion,One House Where There Is No Segregation Between Man Or Woman,But Instead A Juxtapositioning Of ‘Femcee’ And ‘Emcee’ Each Carrying Their Own Art In Their Own Hearts.

What Is A God Emcee?,Who Is The God Emcee?,Where Is The God Emcee?,Is He Of The Caucasian Race Or Of The Negroid?,Is He The Emcee Of All Emcees?,The Resuscitator Of The Tardily Dieing Hip Hop Art? Or The Replenisher Of What She Has Lost?.A Trend Started By William Michael Griffin Jr., Better Known By His Stage Name ‘Rakim’ In The Late 80′s,This Terminology “God Emcee” Has Transcended Repeatedly Within The Hemispheres Of Hip Hop And I’ld Like To Shed Some Light On It In This Article.

Take A Rapper,Put Him In A Cypher….He Blossoms,Take A Rap Artiste,Put Him In A Studio Booth….He Shines And Take A Rap-Tainer,Put Him On A Stage….He Thrills The Crowd!.Now The Balanced Amalgamation Of All These Three Forms Of Rap Artistry And Also Inclusive Of Other External Diversities Like Business,Charity,Politics And Other Fundamentals In One Emcee Is What Makes Him ‘The God Emcee’!.Not Neglecting Other Rappers That Have Made This Term Trend,In 2001 On His Single ‘TakeOver’ Off His ‘The BluePrint’ Album Jay-Z Increased Its Use And Efficacy By Uttering These Lyrics “God Emcee Me,Jay-Hova,Hey Lil’ Soldier You Ain’t Ready For War,R.O.C. Too Strong For Y’all” Which He Aimed At Rappers Nas And Prodigy Of Mobb Deep As An Expression Of How Much He Was Absolutely Convinced He Was A More Superior Rapper To Them.Long Story Short,Permit Me To Express MySelf In My Local Vernacular Dialect….All Dah One No Consign Us,Make We Carry Am Enta Naija Back! As It Gets More Interesting From Here On!…Lol

Since The Days Of Junior And Pretty,Hip Hop In Nigeria Has Continued To Bolster In Strenght After Strenght With Fantastic Churnings Like Eedris Abdul Kareem,Rugged Man,Freestyle And The Rest Of The Trybes Men Crew,S.W.A.T Root,The ThouroughBreds,Vector,M.I,Dagrin,Reminisce And More And Our Production Standard Has Continued To Grow And Evolve A Lot As Well.Looking Back Approximately 15 Years From Now,Who Would Have Ever Thought We’ll Get This Far???,Capricious Song DownLoads!,Unlimited Video Bufferings And Streamings!,Sold Out Shows! And Magnanimous EndorseMent Figures!,Now Let Me Branch A Little Bit To My Unilag Days.As Students,We All Ate And Breathed Hip Hop!,Names Your’re Probably Not Yet Too Familiar With Like XII GAGE,ACE THA EMCEE,DIVERSE,ZEE,MSCHEIF,JBERG,GODDESSOFSKILLZ,YOYIN-BANKS,MICHAEL-SWITCH,C-JAY,BLACK-JESUS,DARK-POET Amongst Others And Names Your’re Probably A Bit More Familiar With Now Like VECTOR,PHENOM And More! We All Cyphered Together After Lectures! And Not To Set A Bad Example Or AnyThing But Even By Stabbing Lectures!(Yes! That Was How Much The Love Was! It Wasnt All The Time Though…Lol!),We Had Media Covered Rap Battles And Lots Of School Hall Week Performances That Made Us Figure Heads In School And Much More!.

Now Back To The Topic And Why I Buttress These Points,GOD (The Actual Jehovah) The Giver Of Talent Never Gives Talent To Waste!,In A Country Consisting Of Over 160 Million People,Irregular And Inconsistent Power Supply,Unemployment And Nepotism,Corruption And Injustice! What Can’t We Do If We Have Come This Far!?,Why Can’t The Actual God Emcee Come Out Of One Of Us!? Are We Less Deserving Of This Immense GreatNess!?,Is The Sky Less Blue In Our Country??? Or Is The Water Less TasteLess???,I Strongly Do Not Think So!,In A Land Full Of Opportunity Where Every Man And Woman Has Gone Through,Survived And Is Still Surviving This Substantive Training That Life Here Is Taking Us Through,I Totally Believe In Us!.

So Who Could Be The God Emcee? And The Expected Saviour Of Hip Hop!?…Could It Be Terry Tha RapMan? A Hip Hop Head Honcho With A Discography Of Two Absolutely Superb ‘LP’ Compilations?,M.I With A Discography Of Two Albums And Two Mixtapes?,Ice Prince With A Discography Of Two Albums?,Super Naeto C The ‘Yes Boss’ Crooner?,Jesse Jagz?,Olamide?,Enigmatic Igbo Rapper Phyno?,Young Budding Rapper Skales?,Warri Exports Yung Six And Erigga?,Benin City’s Cyrus Tha Virus? Or Simply Lagos Rapper Labzy Lawal.

Keep This In Mind As Food For Thought!…
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