About Me


*To be tutored and mentored on how to make good music for yourself like you always crave for.
*To bring out the best in you by making good music
* To take your music to another level
* To be in a Family of great music makers like you.
*To get a Brand that will reshape your musical career. growth and development..
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You are Ready?? 🤔🤔..
Then GME is here for you....
Yes,GME....I say GME....You asking fo the meaning??
GME is fully known as Gales Music Empire...That is set to bring young musical talents together as a family under the same brand...The Empire is set out to become the home of royal music...It is created out of a need for young artistes to make a self discovery of themselves and then make wonderful music...and live thier dream....Its a Brand that gives the Artistes a Yes I can Spirit and a bid to see the big picture,Hence the Platform is created...
Right now..The Brand is only open to OOU artistes...Yoo..Charity begins at home.. So what are you waiting for....Wait...Here are some benefits....
(1)You get to be tutored..trained and taught on how to make good music for yourself..
(2) You will get a Free track collaboration with all other GME Artistes....
(3) You will record tracks on fairly affordable studio prices not d normal studio prices..
(4) GME will fully handle your tracks publicity and promotions....And we will collaborate with many bloggers on that.
(5) You will be managed by the Empire..Which means..Shows..Concerts and Outings will be booked for you..
(6) Lastly...We will provide artiste/media relationship status for you..Where you can get to be called for interviews and talks...
Interested Potential Musical Emperors/Empresses as they would be definately called can contact 08171021060 or 08098572104..Also can you send us a mail...Galesmusicempire@Yahoo.com for more enquiries....Also NB- GME MEMBERSHIP FORMS are also available at a very affordable price...What Else can you ask for??..
Gales Music Empire
#We Live the Dream.....

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