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[Music Review] Olamide – Orobo | Read What We Think About This Song

Olamide!! That name rings bell whenever it’s been called upon anywhere, any day and any time.. No one does it better when it comes to dishing out good music back to back.
You can call him Mr. Hit Maker, You are right.. You can call him the “Most Consistent Artiste In Nigeria“, You are 98% right but his latest single titled “Orobo” is a NO, I Mean a Big NO for me and everyone here at Naijaloaded.. You can read through the comments on the Song HERE
The Quest to stay relevant all through is Understandable.. Yeh… but dishing out Sh!tty single to quench the thirst of your fans is not acceptable. Your Fans are not even thirsty for good song if you ask us, They’ve got more than enough to battle with for months to come… even Years self!!
Take your time, Work on good songs and give us BANGERS!! Sere and **** where singles you shoved down our throat forcefully. We wanted to complain but we had to swallow it like that without any complain.

….but this one “Orobo“, Nah! We won’t fold our arms and let it get into us or allow you walk away freely like that..
We rated your latest single Orobo as – “Rubbish raised to the power of nonsense“. 27/100.
All We are saying, Give us more hit and not noise.
I drop my pen here – #Peace!!!
What do you think about Olamide’s latest single “Orobo”?
Drop your Comments.

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