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Being a PRO is not just about issuing broadcast messages and posting information on notice boards. Though, FASA needs someone who is very good in all these aspects but it is more than that.

PRO should be an image builder. SHES one who is meant to project the good image of the society.

Even inspite of what is written above, he should be someone who is an expert in the area of communication. He's supposed to be a dedicated writer who is known for good works and not mere talk of unnecessary criticisms.

SHe must also be very experienced. At least, FASA deserve the best.

SHe should be ready to use the act of public relations as a tool for societal change.

SHe must have the desire to do the job since this post is one that must be borne out of passion and not just jumping into the electoral field cuz of sheer hatredness and jealousness.

SHe must be able to construct grammatical flawless sentences. This should be observed beginning from their campaign broadcasts and more..

The person coming out for FASA PRO must be one that possesses all these qualities.

The question is, who has all of these qualities? OJERINDE OLUWASEMILOORE is the Lady for the job and nobody else. Nobody! She is capable and experienced!

I look around and see NOBODY than BERRy. SHe is the 'GIRL to do job. SHe is ever ready.

Endorse, Pray and Support BERRY for FASA PRO

#shepreachexperience Kindly RBC

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jide said…
Berry berry we gat your back
Bolanle said…
Historian and Fasa in general support you 6s
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