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[Entertainment] Too Much Money!! Fetty Wap Showed Up In Court With $165,000 Just To Pay A $360 Fine

Willie Maxwell II a.k.a Fetty Wap arrived at the Cedar Grove Municipal Court in Cedar Grove, New Jersey on Wednesday (Oct. 5) to pay a couple fines.

The “Trap Queen” star was in court to answer for several minor driving infractions including tinted windows. Fetty had accumulated fines worth $360, and the Grammy Nominated star came prepared.
Witnesses at the court say the 25-year-old Zoo Gang leader’s cash was so much, it was bulging out of his jean pockets and spilling out. Fetty himself estimated the cash to be $165,000.

Fetty Wap pays fines in style


According to TMZ, he pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license and failure to replace lost or defaced license plates, adding to the tinted windows charge.

He was pulled over by police on July 6, and he was then arrested and released. He also admitted a charge after police came to his home more than twice due to false alarms.
Outside the court room however, he joked that his problem was the fact he had been ‘driving while black and rich.’

Fetty’s lawyer told the judge he needed the tinted windows due to his glaucoma affliction. If the judge agrees, he might end up keeping them. His medical exemption application is still pending.
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