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Hey guys!

I want your review on this. Its a known thing that most of we upcoming artistes don't write our LYRICS the standard way, and don't put our song LYRICS online, including myself.

Cos many people are like "whats he saying sef?, i just waste my mb to download song wey i no even hear anything". Then they press DELETE at once.

Shouldn't we let them know we aint talking rubbish? Its just normal for some people that have talent buh no good voice.

So a thought striked my mind cos i own a blog initially ajidaraviews.blogspot.com where i publish articles about science, health and tech, you can check dat owt.

So i thought "why don't i create another blog strictly dedicated to LYRICS of upcoming artistes like myself? Ain't that gonna move us forward?"

I thought that if people search our songs too, google should be able to show a particular page where our LYRICS are being stored. We have rights too, its not just for the higher ups.


The blog isnt running yet buh i need you guys to show you care about it so it won't be a waste of effort. Cos like i said earlier, "ITS FREE" @least 4nw

Listed below are the procedures i deem fit for the project. Letz know what you feel bou it.

1. Your song must be uploaded online already. Because you have to submit a direct download link to your song (you can't give viewers probs cos of your LYRICS na)

2. You write your lyrics yourself, i just edit it to correct punctuations.

3. The two ways by which you can upload your lyrics is;
(i) by the new email i'll create for the site
(ii) A form will be on the site where you can easily fill in the info(recommended)

4. A facebook and twitter pages will be created where we will share new and existing LYRICS. You know you have to invite more and more people to LIKE / FOLLOW the pages. Cos the more LIKES / FOLLOWERS the pages get, the better our chances of reaching more audience.

4. If you sing another language, you should translate. Though this feature is optional but important for you to get audience in other tribes that exists.

5. The lyrics are going to be uploaded in ".txt" format and synced with google drive. Meaning people can download the LYRICS to their phones or pc and view it later, its not compulsory to stay still on the website to view the lyrics.


If you are in support, LIKE and SHARE, if you feel something iz wrong with this idea, Please drop your comments lets hear what you feel abou this initiative!

You can tell me thingz privately by messaging me on fb @


Or send me an email;

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